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Title: AOSP & Google Apps APKs & Downloads
Post by: Matt on May 22, 2016, 05:07:42 pm
AOSP and Google Apps APKs & Downloads

This is a list of AOSP APKs and links to download them. I've included links to Google's closed source Play Store versions. I have also included APKMirror links for those who do not have the Google Play Store (or whose devices say they are incompatible).
Or at least it will be.
If you could please send me an APK or a link to download it, that would be awesome. Google replaced some of these with their apps. For those, I would like the latest AOSP version. I will give credit to whoever finds them too. AOSP APKs needed are marked with (N/A). I will try to find as many APKs for AOSP apps as I can.

What is AOSP?
AOSP, or the Android Open Source Project, is what Android starts out as. First, Google develops this. Then they add their apps on top. The Android Open Source Project apps are open-source, meaning you can study them, modify them, and redistribute them. You do not need to (in most cases) ask anyone, or pay a single cent.

APKs and Downloads:

Thanks to:
Credits to people who found the AOSP APKs (I will add names in once people send me links or files):
NOTE: I did not list the websites, because I either forgot them, they either forgot them, and because AOSP apps are open source, it doesn't matter. If you would like the specific website I found these files from, simply comment and I'll find it for you.

I know I made a post asking for AOSP APKs before, but this post is also made to give the community the APKs and download links as well.[/list][/list]
Title: Re: AOSP & Google Apps APKs & Downloads
Post by: Matt on May 22, 2016, 05:33:30 pm
I have most of the apps and will upload them soon. I ripped them from an AOSP ROM.